Head of Strategy at 80 20 Marketing, and Specialist in Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, and Data.




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He's trained leaders from major companies such as:

Kenneth Correa is Head of Strategy @ 80 20 Marketing, Professor at Brazil's leading business school: FGV, and International Speaker.

With more than 150 engagements, including a TEDx, he's an specialist in Innovation and Emerging Technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse and Data, with 15+ experience in Marketing and Technology projects for companies which are leaders in their verticals.

Who is Kenneth Correa?


Artificial Intelligence

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is revolutionizing the way we do business, sparking an unprecedented race among big tech companies. For market leaders, delving into the possibilities of AI is not just strategic; it is essential to maintaining relevance and leadership. Amidst this transformation, I offer guidance so that your audience not only understands but also masters and stands out in this scenario.


The Metaverse is redefining our reality experience by combining immersive social experiences, spatial computing, and augmented (AR), virtual (VR), and mixed (XR) realities into a new form of interaction. With a significant portion of society already navigating these virtual spaces daily, not understanding and integrating into the Metaverse means being left behind in one of the most significant and current evolutions of human experience.


In the era of Big Data, the volume of generated information is monumental, with around 2.5 quintillion data points created daily. This scenario presents an unprecedented challenge and opportunity. Artificial Intelligence is the only tool capable of processing, analyzing, and deriving insights from this vast data lake, but true transformation depends on something beyond technology: the creation and nurturing of a data-driven culture.

What do they say about Kenneth Correa?

"The data immersion training for businesses conducted by Kenneth Corrêa was excellent. Kenneth contributed to the data journey, sparking curiosity and motivation in the team to learn more about new data technologies and to be prepared for such a competitive market. This is all thanks to Kenneth's teaching style and friendliness. I highly recommend it!"
Luiz Antonio Lopes
Coordinator of Data & Analytics and Market Intelligence at Iguá Saneamento
"The Metaverse lecture delivered by Kenneth Corrêa was amazing. He redefined how our team perceived the topic, guiding them towards a hands-on mentality. After this work, I noticed a real impact on the team!"
William Potenti
CIO at L’oréal Brasil
"The session was very informative and provided valuable insights into Gen AI and its potential applications for transforming organisations. I found the discussion on tools like Perplexity AI, the Gamma App, and Rationale to be particularly illuminating. The practical knowledge gained during the session has really equipped me with a better understanding of how these tools can be harnessed to reap their benefits. Thank you again for a highly insightful talk!"
Lavinia Mudiyanselage
Planning Analytics na Amazon
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